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Let’s Talk Cellulite

Ok so it’s girl talk time. I’ve been super active my whole life. I grew up dancing and working out so I’ve always had a rather fast metabolism. But as much as I’d train and as tight as my body would get, cellulite was so tough to target and get rid of. Let’s be real,…

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People always ask, “do you regret spending money on a wedding?” And my answer after having one is, HELL NO! Our wedding weekend was a literal dream come true. Worth every penny. It was the one time in our lives we were able to get our closest friends and family to essentially vacation together and…

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My husband (Jimmy) and I go way back. We met in high school although I’m not sure you can call us high school sweethearts. I remember first meeting him at your typical high school house party. Everyone mingling with red solo cups in hand. Music blasting, but no one dancing. Except Jimmy. My friends and…

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