Let’s Talk Cellulite

Ok so it’s girl talk time. I’ve been super active my whole life. I grew up dancing and working out so I’ve always had a rather fast metabolism. But as much as I’d train and as tight as my body would get, cellulite was so tough to target and get rid of. Let’s be real, almost every woman has a bit of cellulite and who wouldn’t love to disguise or prevent it?! *crickets* 

When Life’s Butter reached out to me about reviewing their anti-cellulite lotion I was skeptical. I read up on it and saw it was cruelty free and had good reviews so I agreed to share a review of their product only after several weeks of trying it out first. So here we are 3 weeks in. I’ve used the lotion before bed every night for 3 weeks and while I haven’t seen cellulite disappear, the lotion instantly hydrates and tightens the skin giving the back of my legs and booty the appearance of smoother skin. HERE. FOR. IT.

I’ve been so busy at work for the last month that I truly haven’t had time to workout the way I normally would. And typically, when I stop working out I lose muscle, my skin sags, and more cellulite appears. Between dry brushing and their anti-cellulite lotion I’ve be able to maintain a tight physique while being less active. Now obviouslyyy it can’t replace my workouts but it’s nice to see the product working! I’m super new to dry brushing and still trying to get the hang of it so that will be another topic of conversation! Haha. Anyways, heading to the beach this weekend and planning to lather my body in life’s butter before slipping into a bikini!